Subsite inspection technologies are ideal for pipelines too small to allow man entry, including water and wastewater collection and conveyance systems. Solutions include CCTV, sonar profiling, 3-D, and point cloud data capture. Much of our CCTV equipment is built around single conductor technology, which accommodates all power feed and command functions in a single steel-wrapped cable to make our equipment less bulky, easier to control, and far more durable than typical multi-conductor technology.

Inspection System Solutions.

TranStar Pipeline Inspection Transporter


The TranStar Pipeline Inspection Transporter is the most powerful tractor of its size in the industry.



A cost-effective, build-to-suit Ford Transit Inspection Van from Subsite Electronics is a smart choice for pipeline contractors and larger municipalities. Our Transit Van Inspection System is fully customizable with true plug-and-play components.



Single-conductor technology paired with an ergonomic Sprinter van makes this an ideal configuration for municipal and industrial applications.



Our High Cube Inspection Truck is a favorite choice of chassis among contractors and municipalities for road-going inspection capabilities.

Mainline and Lateral Inspection System


The Subsite Electronics Mainline and Lateral Inspection System allows you to view mainline and lateral pipelines simultaneously.



The Private Eye II mainline inspection system offers outstanding performance along with incredible portability.

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Single-Conductor Technology.

The SUBSITE single-conductor technology is a version of the same coaxial cable that reliably delivers hundreds of TV channels, high-speed Internet, voice communication, and more to millions of households and businesses across America. The advantages over competitive multi-conductor cable is clear:

  • Video signal quality is not affected by the length of cable (unlike multi-conductor technology).
  • Single-conductor cables offer a life expectancy at least three times that of any multi-conductor cable.
  • Single-conductor cable has a breaking strength greater than 5,000 pounds (typical multi-conductor cable has a breaking strength of 2,000 pounds or less).
  • Single-conductor cable is simple to maintain and the end connectors can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Multi-conductor cable typically requires several hours of labor and advanced technical skills to splice or troubleshoot multiple wires.

CCTV Pipeline Inspection Equipment: TranSTAR II Tractor VIDEO

The TranSTAR II achieve speeds up to 70' per minute using dual 90 watt motors. The clutch allows rapid freewheel retrieval once the inspection is complete. The TranSTAR II offers numerous options such a rear view camera, manual and motorized elevator systems and multiple tire configurations, making it an extremely versatile addition to your inspection toolbox in a robust, compact size at just 14" in length. 

Inspection Systems Support.

Complete MRA Form.


If equipment will be shipped to a Subsite Electronics service center for service/repair, you must complete a Material Return Authorization (MRA) form. Instructions are provided on the form.

Ship With UPS.


Use this convenient link to ship equipment through UPS once the MRA form is completed. You must send the MRA form with your shipment. The link will allow you to print a shipping label and send your equipment to either our California or Kentucky Service Centers, whichever is more convenient for you.

Loaner Equipment.


If you would like to utilize our equipment loaner program while your equipment is serviced/repaired, download and complete this form.